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Bed bug questions
Everything you need to know about bed bugs
What are the signs of bed bugs?

Unfortunately, you cannot replace the work of a detector dog, whose sense of smell is more than 30 times more developed than ours and whose training is very specific. However, clues may catch your attention. If you have severe itching accompanied by multiple small bites, for example. The presence of a large number of small brown or red spots near or on your bed can also be a sign.

How big is a bed bug?

In adulthood, it usually measures between 4 and 7 millimeters.

What color is the bed bug?

It is brown in color once it reaches adulthood from 4 to 6 weeks. It is sometimes confused with the traces of its excrement, also brown, or the dark red blood stains they leave on the fabrics.

In which context do bedbugs develop faster?

The favorable conditions for their development are a pleasant temperature between 18 and 28°C and the proximity of blood for food. This is why housing is a place that they particularly appreciate.

How do bed bugs get to your home?

Bed bugs can come to your home by multiple routes. Most often, we bring them involuntarily from outside, if we have visited an infested place or if we have bought a second-hand item. They can also come from your neighbors or have preceded you, if you have just moved in.   

Does the presence of bedbugs have to do with the cleanliness of a place?

No. Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs are neither an indicator of dirt nor cleanliness.

What are the methods to disinfect a bed bug home?

Several types of treatment, natural or chemical can be applied to a place infested with bedbugs.    

You suspect that bedbugs

have taken up residence with you?

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