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About Canis Detection

In search of bed bugs, with our dogs

A company specializing in canine bed bug detection, Canis Detection works with people who suspect the presence of these pests in their homes or premises. Created in 2023 by Fanny Berney, Canis Detection is a member of the Swiss Association of Bed Bug Search Dog Handlers.

Canis Detection detector dogs
  • K'Zull, a male Dutch Shepherd crossed Malinois born in September 2022 and who experienced the first hours of Canis Detection.

K'Zull Dog Bed Bug Detection
  • Ryn, a belgian sheperd female born in February 2023 who joined the team in May 2023.

Ryn dog bed bug detection
Fanny Berney, detector dog handler

Director and main speaker, Fanny Berney founded Canis Detection, driven by the desire to help people and work with animals.


Trained by Philippe Pugin in canine detection, this native of the Vallée de Joux previously held various jobs, including that of border guard, for several years, during which she participated in the training of dogs in search of people and narcotics. Previously, her passion had already led her to an apprenticeship as a guardian of wild animals, carried out with wolves, bears and bison in a large animal park in the Jura, which saw her graduate from a CFC.

K'Zull sniffer dog
Company values
  • Independence: Canis Detection is a detection company. It has no interest linking it to any disinfection company or any incentive to steer the results.

  • Humanity: human contact is central to our work, which is why we place respect and kindness at the top of our scale of values.

  • Efficiency: our priority is to be able to establish a report quickly, without disturbing you and with as much certainty as possible.

Areas of intervention

Canis detection can intervene quickly in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud and throughout French-speaking Switzerland and the Lake Geneva region. Interventions in the rest of Switzerland can also be organised.

For any questions about Canis Detection

and our activities, do not hesitate to contact us

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