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Truffe punaises de lit

Welcome to the Canis Detection website

Your specialist in canine detection of bed bugs in French-speaking Switzerland

Based on the coast, between Geneva and Lausanne, Canis Detection is a company specializing in the canine detection of bed bugs. With our dogs, specially trained for this exercise, we operate throughout French-speaking Switzerland, in homes or other places of life.

If you suspect the presence of bed bugs, you must act quickly, because these unwanted insects reproduce and proliferate very quickly. A short stay with our dogs is enough in most cases to invalidate or very clearly confirm the presence of these undesirables.

Natural detection of bedbugs

Scheduled within 24 hours after your contact, our intervention does not involve any distribution of chemical product or machine. Discover how we proceed to detect bed bugs, using our sniffer dogs.

Bed bugs, you say?

They are often poorly known and feared but often confused with other insects. Learn more about bed bugs and what sets them apart from other pests.

Bed bug detection with Canis Detection
  • Intervention within 24 hours, in French-speaking Switzerland or beyond.

  • 100% independent company, unrelated to any disinfection company

  • Natural, economical and non-invasive method

  • Dogs trained, stimulated and trained with kindness

  • Careful respect of places and people

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