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Prepare for the arrival of our detection team

A few golden rules to promote effective canine detection
To make it easier for sniffer dogs to sniff out bedbugs

We enter with the dog and work room by room, or sector by sector depending on the location (housing, sheds, premises, etc...). In the event of a search in apartments or houses, the dog wears slippers to avoid damage to the floors or furniture.

The dog works at its own pace, and its handler is there to guide it.

When the dog is marking, the handler will check to see if he sees bed bugs, or signs indicating the presence of the latter.

The process is repeated in all the rooms, as well as the hallways, laundry room, possibly garage, vehicle, etc...

This detection technique has many advantages, in addition to being ecological, it is also economical. Indeed, the dog can precisely locate the bed bugs, this makes it possible to treat only the contaminated places.

Precaution for  the security of your objects during detection

The dog is an animal and can be restless or curious during the session. Therefore, it is a question of taking some additional precautions:


  • No delicate objects. Secure your values and do not leave objects or delicate objects within reach of the dog.

  • No unstable furniture or works. As much as possible, check that no furniture or artwork that could easily fall is in the way of the dog.

For the safety of our detector dogs

Protect the health of our dogs.

  • No toxic products. Lock up or isolate toxic products, such as medicines, cleaning products or cosmetics.

  • Important: if you have used a disinfection product or any type of insecticide, let us know before the appointment!

Do you have any questions about site preparation?

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