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Dogs for bedbugs detection

How is a canine detection of bedbugs carried out?

The canine detection method is particularly effective and not very restrictive. Chemical-free, fast and with low margins of error, it is also inexpensive and damage-free.

A four-step method:
  1. Discussion

  2. Detection

  3. Human Verification

  4. Result

Details of detection interventions

When we arrive, only the master comes home. We take stock of the situation with you and will together identify the rooms to be investigated (generally the bedrooms and the living room) and look upstream for any signs of the presence of bed bugs.

Then we let the dog in. Guided by the master, he visits the identified rooms by sniffing for bed bugs. If he stops and makes a mark, the master checks again at the marked place if he observes any clues.


Finally, if the dog and the master agree on the presence of bed bugs, we will tell you the means to consider to get rid of them. Of course – and this is what we wish you – it is also possible that no presence of bed bugs will be detected and that you can resume the course of your life, with relief.


The detection report is sent to you by e-mail, after our visit. It confirms the result and reminds you of the place of intervention, the rooms visited and the team that carried out the detection.


Do you think you are harboring bedbugs?

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