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Bed bugs detected: what to do?

5 treatments to get rid of bed bugs

If the detection report indicates the presence of bed bugs in your accommodation, we are at your disposal to discuss the various possible solutions. Treatments exist and, whatever your choice, they must be undertaken quickly to avoid increasing the proliferation of bedbugs.  


These different methods are based on exposure to very high or very low temperatures or to chemical substances. They can be applied in parallel depending on the contaminated objects.

1 – Freezing against bed bugs

An effective method for disinfecting clothes is to subject them to a temperature of -20°C for at least 72 hours. If your freezer is too small, freezer containers can be rented to act as a bundle and even include furniture.

2 – No more bed bugs on your fabrics thanks to high temperature washing

For clothes, sheets or anything else that can be machine washed, a long-lasting wash at at least 60°C is a drastic treatment, directly killing bedbugs. 

3 – Disinfect an entire room with a heat gun

On the same principle of exposing pests to a high temperature, heat guns are an excellent way to treat an entire room. Once the temperature of 60°C has been reached in the room, the intervention must last at least 5 hours to take full effect.

4 – Dry steam treatment at 100°C

In a more targeted way than the previous one, a steam cleaner can also be used to treat different corners of a room thanks to the temperature of the water that has become steam (100°C).

5 – Chemical and radical disinfection, in two stages

A chemical product can be diffused on the contaminated areas for the first time, then a second pass is carried out approximately two weeks later.

If these means are not enough, it is advisable to contact a disinfection company.

Before embarking on a long and tedious treatment

confirm the presence of bed bugs.

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